6.Manufacturing Industries Geography for class 10 notes

Importence of Manufacturing Industries

·        Manufacturing Industries is considered as back done3 of development of industries in any country.

·        Manufacturing Industries helps in modernizing agriculture sector.

·        Manufacturing Industries reduces the unemployment and puberty from the country.

·        Due to manufacturing industries the sector of good increase and it also increase trades and commerce.

·        Manufacturing Industries provide Infrastructer for other Industris.

Contribution of Industry to National Economy.

·        1950-5%

·        1970-10%

·        1990-15%

·        2015-30%

Industrial Location

·        The location of any Industries based on following factor:-

    i.          Availabity of raw material.

  ii.           Availabity of labour.

  iii.          Availabity of fuel/electricity.Availabity of transportation facility.

 iv.          Aviabilty of market.

  v.          Availabity of proper security.

Classification of Industries.

·        There are five bases of classification of Industries.

1.      On the basis of raw mater

There are two types.

  i.          Agro based:Cotton,wollen,jute,silk textile,rubber and sugar etc.

  ii.          Mineral based: iron & steel,cement,aluminium etc.

2.      On the basis of their main role

There are two type.

  i.          Basis industries:iron and steel and copper smelting etc.

 ii.          Consumer industries:Sugar,toothpaste,paper,fans etc.

3.      On the basis of capital investment.

There are two types.

 i.          Small Scale industry:

ii.          Large scale industry:

4.      On the basis of ownership

There are four types.

i.          Public sector:BSNL,Railways.

  ii.          Private sector:TISCO,Bajaj.

iii.          Joint sector:Oil India Ltd.

iv.          Cooperative sector:

5.      On the basis of production of goods

There are two types:

 i.          Heavy industries: iron and steel.

ii.          Light industries:electrical industries.

Industrial Pollution and Environmental Degradation

·        The growth industries effect our environment by different ways:-

 i.          Air Pollution:-Pollution created due to harmful gases.Ex:-Automobiles etc.

  ii.          Water Pollution:-The pollution created due to harmful  chemical exerted by different industries ex:- Chemical industries,sulphur industries sugarcance.

 iii.          Thermal Pollution:-These industries which creates innormous heat and increase the temp. of environment called termal pollution.Ex:-Thermal power plants,Nuclear power plants oil refine.

iv.          Noise Pollution:-The industries which creates inourmous noise & disturb our environment is called Noise pollution.Ex:- Automobiles.

Control of Environmental Degradation.

·        Afforestation near the industries.

·        Rain water harvesting.

·        Excess use of electricity in place of coal & Petroleaum.

·        Excess use of public transport in place of indivisual vechicls.

·        Use of bio fertilizers in place of chemical fertilizer.

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