7.Outcomes of Democrcay CIVICS Class 10 Notes

How do we asses democracy outcomes

·        The assessment criteria of outcomes of democracy are follows:-

a.      Promote equality among citizens.

b.      Enhance to dignity of the individual.

c.      Provide a method to resolve conflicts.

d.      Improves the quality of decision making.

e.      Allows room to correct mistakes.

Accountable,reponsive and legitimate government.

  • a.      A democracy make sure that people will have the righ to choose their rulers.
  • b.      Whenever possible,citizens should participate in the decision making process.
  • c.      This is known as transparency.


  • a.      There is one aspect in which the democratic govt.is certainly better than its alternative.
  • b.      That is a democratic govt.is a legitimate govt.
  • c.      It may be slow less efficient but it is the people own legitimate govt.


  • a.      People wish to be ruled by reprentatives elected bt them.
  • b.      They also belive that democracy is suitable for their country and their problems would be attended to.
  • c.      Democracy,s ability to generate its support is itself an outcome that cannot be ignored.

Economic Growth & Development

·        As we know that eco nomic growth and development is slow democracy because of following reasons:-

*Max.fund expand in public welfare work.

*Decision making slow.

*Maximum paper work.

*Several levels of curuption in decision making.

*Funds devided into public leader & Officers.

Reduction inequality and Poverty.

·        In equality on different bases :- Caste,Religion,Wealth,Colour,Race,Region and Laungage.
·        Reduction inequality means strengthen the fundamental right “Right to equality”.
·        23% population in India is under BPL.
·        Schemes must be made to reduce poverty.

Accommodation of Social diversity
·        Democracies accommodation various social divisions.
·        It useually develops a produce to conduct their competition which reduces the possibilitry of the tensions becoming explosive or violent.
·        No society can fully and permanently reslve conflics among different groups.
·        Democracy is best suited to reduced this outcomes.
·        Rule by majority means that in use of every election different persons and groups may and form a majority.

Dignity and freedom of the citizens
·        Dignity means resoect & identity of each & every indivisual in democracy.
·        Indian democracy respect the dignity of indivisuals by different rights.like Rights to vote,Right to Education etc.
·        Freedom of citizens means second fundamental right etc.
Like:- Freedom to speak,adoptreligion,work,education,reside,politics.
·        This freedom given only by democtcacy at world levels.

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