6.Political Parties Civics Class 10 Notes

Why do we need political parties

Meaning of political parties

·        Political party is a group of some active citizens of the country which comes together with an idology and agenda.
·        The three main component of the political party are:-
1.      A leader
2.      Active member

Function of political parties.

·        The major function are as follow.
  •      Political party context electio.
  •       Political parties put several policy and program before the people of the country.
  •       Political party form and run the govt.
  •       Political party plays the role of opposition.
  •       Political Party having role in making laws for the country.
  •       Political party represent people in parliament and legistive assembly.

Necessity of a political parties.

  • ·        Political party is necessary in democracy because:-

*Democracy run by elections.

*Every individual can,t contest in elections.

*They take part in elections with political parties.

*Political parties contest in elections from the govt and run the democracy.

How many parties should we have?
·        In the  democratic country the country having different type of party system as per their constitution.
·        There are three types of party system exist in world.
1)      Single party system – China.
2)      Two party system – America.
3)      Multi-party system – India.
·        India having multi party system with 100s of political parties context election at different levels for better functtioning of India democracy.
·        In India political parties are divided in two groups.
1)      National political parties.
2)      Regional political parties.

National Political Party
·        The division of political parties into national and regional are made by election commission of india.
·        The condition for a national political party are:-
1)      A party that secure atleasts 6% of the total vote in Lok Sabha elections or 6% in legilative election of four stste.
2)      The political party win atleast 4 seat in lok sabha.
·        At present there are only four political party are national political party:-
1)      Indian National Congress(INC).
2)      Bhartiya Janta Party(BJP)
3)      Communist party of India(CPI)
4)      Communist party of India Marxism(CPI-M)





National Party  Name  

Foundation Years





Famous Leader


Govt in State








A.O Hume






Punjab & Sikkim








Shyama Prasad Mukherjee

Integral humanism and Hindutva

Atal Bihari Vajpayee









Kanshi Ram

Dalits & adivasis

Baba Saheb Ambedkar








Marxism Leninism



Sitaram Yechury







Sharad Pawar

Gandhian Secularism

Sharad Pawar










Somnath Chatterjee

Socialism& Secularism

Suravaram sudhkarReddy



 State Party
·        Condition for states party.
·        There are two condition for any sate party.
1.      A party that secure atleast 6% of total vote in an election legilative assembly of any one state.
2.      Win atleast 2 seats in legislative assembly in any one state is called state parties.

Challenges to political party
·        There are three major challenges based by any political parties are as follow:-
1.      Lack of internal democracy.
2.      Money and muscle power.
3.      Meaning Choice.
How Can Parties Be Reformed ?
·        Anti Defection law ( laws against party changing after elections)
·        An affidavit before election commission regarding there back ground.
·        Adopt meaning internal democracy.
·        Proper representative of women ,SC,ST& minority in political parties.
·        Govt.Should provide money for fighting election to the condidates.
·        Oppose the pepole criminal background in any election bt all political parties.

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