6.Human Resources

Definition of Human Resource
·        Resoucre means the objects which is utilised for the develepment of country.So, if human being give their contribution in development of the country is Called Human Resoucres.

Distribution of Population

·        The distribution of the population in the world is extremely unequal.
·        Some areas are very crowded and some are areas popualted.
·        70% of the world’s population lived in only two coutinents Asia and Africa.
·        China having highest popualation of one hundred 40 crore and India having second population having 130 crore.

Density of Population
·        Population density in no.of pepole live in a unit- area ogf the surface to earth.

  • ·        The averge density of population in the whole world is 51 person sq.km.
  • Factors affecting Distribution of Population

·        The different factors affecting distributions of population are as follows:-

i.Geographical Factors

a) Tapagraphy

b) Climate

c)  Soil

d) Water

e) Minerals

ii. Social Factors

a)      a)Hosing faclities

b)      b)Education faclities

c)      c)Health faclities.

iv. Cultural Factors

a)      a)Religious Places

b)      b)Historical Places

c)      c)Big Cities or Metro Politices.

v.Economical Factors.

a)  Enopueyment Opportunties

b) Industrial areas

c) Commerial areas or Market Places.

Population Chage

  • ·        The change in population or increase and deacreses in population depends on following five factors.

1.      Birth Rate

2.      Death Rate

3.      Mortality rate

4.      Emlgaration

5.      Imigaration.

Patterne of Population chage

·        Rate of population growth very across the world.
·        The worls,s total population in creasing rapidly but all countires of the world,s having not such growth.
·        Some counties like:- Austratia,Newzealand having growth rate.
·        The countries like:- India, Kenya,Bangladesh etc having positive growth rate.

Population Composition

·        All countries of the world having differ5nt populatuion composition.

·        The population composition is determined or the basic of age,sex,literacy levels,health occupation or and income.

·        On different bases we made a population pyramind to give the situation of population composition.

·        For ex.we made a pyramid of India population the basis of Income.


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