4.Understanding Laws CIVICS CLASS 8 NOTES

Do Laws Apply To All

·        India is a Democrate country and elected Govt rule in India.

·        The main feature of any Democracy is right to equality for all citizen.

·        Right to equality is a fundamental right in which government treat equaly to all citizen of the country.

·        In India the laws made by parliament for the welfare of the citizens of the country.

·        All citizen are equal before law in system of rule.

·        No,any discrimination on any ground ,like,caste,religion,weath,language and race held in India.

How Do New Laws Come About
·        In India all laws made by Parliament.
·        The laws of India catagorised into three groups;-
1.      General Laws.
2.      The laws related to money.
3.      The consitiutied and dement law.

Unpopular and Controversial laws

·        Some times law made by our parliament are valid and legal at it can be unpopular.
·        It is because people of the country might by criticize.
·        Laws are disobyed because citizens finds fauit with the functiong of govement which refers to criticize.
·        In a democracy citizens can express their unaviltingness to accept repressive laws formed by parliament.
  •   People in large amount can express there unwelligness and build pressure on the parliament to change the laws.
  • ·       People can take the issue to court and court has the power to modify or cancel law if it finds that they do not addhere to constitution.


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