4.Agriculture Geography Class 10 Notes


·        Agriculture means farming activity associated with the production of cloths and other agricultural product.

·        India is a agricultural base economly and seventy percent population of India was depended on agriculture for their survival.

·        The commercilisation of India agricultural becomes piriority of govt.to minimize the unemployment of the the India.

Type of farming
·        There are two major types of farming.
1.Subsistence farming.
2.Commercial farming.

Subsistence Farming
·        It is a traditional types of farming in which the farming held on small land areas with traditional tools and technology.
·        The are two types of subsistence farmings.
i.Primitive Subsistence Farming.
ii.Intensive Subsistence farming.

Primitive Subsistence Farming
·        This type of farming is the oldest form of farming which manily practised in remaote state and hilly states.
·        In this type of farming small land area is used,totally depends on monsoon and depends on natural facility available in near by area of that states.
·        Two best examples of this farming are as.

‘Slash and burn’ farming and jhoom cultivation

Intensive Subsistence Farming
·        This type of farming is brod form of Primitive subsistence farming.
·        This type of farming mainly held in areas of high population depends on a small lands.
·        In this type of farming biofertilisers,chemical,fertilisers,irregestion system used for high production.
·        In rural areas the right of inheritences implemented in agricultural land so that the land is divided in several parts generation after generation.

Commercial farming
·        Commercial farming is a type of farming in which production held for commercial purposes.
·        The commercial farming mainly held by big farmer or land lords in plain state of India.
·        The major crop for commercial farming are as follow:-

Sugarcane,cotton,jute,tea,coffe,rubber,banana,papaya etc.

Cropping Pattern
·        India having three cropping seasion Rabi,Kharif and zaid.
·        The Rabi season stated from november and ends in april and the main crop of these serason is wheat.
·        The kharif season started from july and end in october and the main crop of there season is Rice.
·        The zaid season started from April and end in july and the main crop of these season is watermelon cucumber etc.

Technological and Indtitutional Reforms.

·        As we know that agriculture is the base of India economy and more than 65% population depends on agriculture for their survivals.
·        Govt.made several major to improve the status of agriculture and Indian farmes.
·        Some major taken by govt.are as follow:-
                                    i.          facility of crop insurances.

                                    ii.          Providing loans through kisan credit card (KCC).

                                   iii.          The interest rate on KCC is 4% per annum.

                                   iv.          Several research insistute and university for research were for agriculture.

                                    v.          Provinding proper irregation facility by  canal and        tubewells.

                                   vi.          Provinding hybreed seeds and fertilisers to farmers.

                                 vii.          Try to arrange better marketing facility for remore farmers.

                                viii.          Govt.gix the minimum selling price(MSP) of each crop every years.

                                   ix.          Before two months govt.launch a health insurences policy of 5 lacks for every poor farmers.

                                    x.          To educate the farmers govt.started several programe on radion and television like Krishy darshan etc.

Contribution of agriculture to the national economy, employment and output:

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