·        In this topics we mainly study about the system of agriculture in India.
·        India is a country of village in which 70% population depends on agricultrue far theirs survivals.
·        The farmers of India divided into three groups:-
1.       Land Less Farmers
2.      Middle Class farmers.
3.      Land Lords Farmers

Farm System

·        Farm System is the system involved in the process of griculture in which farmers complete the process of agriculture.

Type of Farming

·        There are mein two type of farming.

1.      Subsistence Farming.

2.      Commercial Farming

Subsistance Farming

·        Subsistance farming means the type of farming by which only the need of farmers of can be filfilled is called subsistance farming.

·        In this type of farming the prodution of very limted & only fulfil the requirents of farmers & their families.

·        There are two type of subsistance farming.

1.      Intensive subsistence agriculture

2.      Primitive Subsistence Agriculture.

Intensive Subsistence Farming

·        In this type of farming farmers cultivate a small land by using simple mahince tools or more lavboures.
·        This type of farming mainly seen in the remate village village in the India.

Primaitve Subsistence Farmnig

·        This type of farming includes two method of farming.
1.      Shifting Cultivation
2.      Nomadic Herding.
Shifting Cultivation
·        Shifting cultivation means the farmers shift one place to other cleard the land and star cultivation after few years they again shift cleared and other land start farming in that land is called shifing  cultvation.
·        This type of farming held in amazon basen,afric some part of Asia and north east of lndia.

Nomadic herding

·        This type of herding as held desert like sahara desert & thar desert of lndia ..
·        In  this type of farning the nomadic [tirlalpeople ] move one place to another with their animals as purpose of this farming is only the fodder far the animanls of nomadic people ..

Commencial Farming

·        Commecial farming means the type of farming such type of crops grown crops can sll in martuen easlily and direct benifte to the farming for eample :- farming of sugarcane farming of tea,coffey rubben ,cotton etc.


Mixed farming

·        Mixed farming such  type of farming in uhich as one  time to or two more than two crops grown in the single farm for exam:- Farming sugercane ,patato ect.


·        Plantations is such type of farming in which the plants grown in particular row with the problem plants menmaesment and tesaeety of Irrigtion.

• Plantations are a type of commercial farming where single crop of tea, coffee,

sugarcane, cashew, rubber, banana or cotton are grown.

Major Crops

·        A variety of crops or many crops are grown to meet the requirement of the
growing population. Major crops of India are: Rice, Wheat, Millets, Maize, cotton, jute, coffee,
  •  Agriculture Development
  • Agricultrure Development refers to efforts made to increase farm production in order to meet the growing demand of increasing population.
 A Farm in India

·        A typical Indian, Munna Lal has a farmland of about 1.5 hectares. He

purchases high yielding varieties of seeds from the market every alternate year.

 A Farm in the USA

·        The average size of a farm in the USA is about 250 hectares. The farmers

grow corn, soyabean, wheat, cotton and sugarbeet.

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