3.Why Do WE Need A Parliament ? CIVICS CLASS 8 Notes

We Should people Decide ?                     

·        After Independent in India ,India adopeted democracy as a ruling system.

·        In democracy people have right to elected their govt.

·        The India Govts. System divided into three levels

1.      Cenral Govt.

2.      State Govt.

3.      Local Govt.

·        All the three levels of Govt. elected by people directly and indirectly.

·        So, we can say that people of the country deside the Govt. in India.

People and Their Represetatives.

·        People elected their representatives at each level of Govt.
·        As central levels the people representative arte called MP( Members of Parliament)
·        At state level the people representatives are called MLA.
·        At local levels the people representative are called Mukhiya,Sarpanch etc.
·        At every levels the people representative made the govts as per constitutionals rules.

The Role of The Parliament

·        Parliament is the Constitional body which forms by the MP and also fromed the Cental Govt.
·        The main role of Parliament is as follow;-
1.      To select the national government.
2.      To control,Guide and inform the govt.
3.      Low making.

1.To Select the Central Government

·        India after five years general election for electing members of parliament hall
·        Now Country divide into 545 constituent for general election.
·        After elections 545 MP selected comes in Partiament.
·        The political party which have majority in sabha ( Lower Houres) from the national govt.

To Control ,Guide and Inform The Govt

·        The central government is fgully responslble for parliament of any work.
·        There are three session of Parliament in each years an govt. give all imformation to parliament in these seasons.
·        Some time parliament have right to guide and control to Govt for any work.
·        All financial work like Bagats,most be approved by parliament.

 Low Making

·        All types of lows for the country is made in parliament and implement in the country.

 Who Are The People in Parliament

·        There are two houses of Parliament

1.      Rajy Sabha ( Upper House)

2.      Lok Sabha ( Lower House )

·        The members of lok sabha are directly elected by the people of the country.

·        These member include people of all cast,Religion,Gender etc.

·        The members of Rajy sabha are elected by the lagistative assembly of different atate.

·        These members also include the people of all category,cast,religion,Gender etc.



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