2.Understanding Secularism Class 8 Notes

What is Sercularism

·        The Indian Constitution allows individuals the freedom to live by their religious beliefs and practices.

·        Indian adopted a strategy of separating the power of religious and the power of the state.

Why is it Impotant to Separate Religion from the State ?

·        It prohibits the domination of one religion over another.
·        To Protect the freedom of individuals to exits from their religion embrance another religion or have the freedom to interprect religious teachings differently.

What is Indian Secularism.

·        The India Constitution mandates that the Indian State be secular State.
·        One religious community does not dominate another in a secular state.
·        In a Secular state ,some members do not dominate other members of the same religious community.
·        The state does not enforce any particular religion nor take away the religious freedom of individuals.
·        The government schools can not promte any one religion.
·        In order to respect the sentiments of all religions and not interfere witch religious practies the state make certain expections for particular religious communities.
·        The Indian secularism works to prevent the domination.
·        In orders to prevent this religion based exclusion and discrimination of lower caste,the Indian Constitution bans untouchability.
·        To ensure that laws relating to equal inheritance rights are respected,the state may have to interve in the religion based ‘personal laws’ of communities.
·        The intervention of the state can be in the form of support.
·        The first amendment of the Us constitution prohibits the legislature from making laws” respectsing an establishment of religion “ or that prohibits the free exercise of religion.
·        The Indian state is secular and works in various ways to prevent religious domination.


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