1.Resources Ncert Class 8


·        All the things present on earth either living or non living and ulitily by human being are called resources.
·        Sources and Resources are two type different things
·        Sources means all the things present on earth are called sources.

Types of Resources

  • There are three type of Resources

  1. .      Natural Resources
  2. .      Man-Made Resources
  3. .     Human Resources

Natural Resources

·        All the resources produce the nature directlly to human being are called the Natural Resources .For Ex:-Water,Air and Land Etc.

Classification on Natural Resources

·        There are five basic classification of Natural Resources.

1.    1.  On the bases of Delopment

2.    2.  On the bases of Uses.

3.     3. On the bases of orgin.

4.     4. On the Bases stock.

5.    5.  On the bases Distribution.

On the bases of Delopment

·        On the bases of delopment resources are two type.

  • 1.      Actual Resources – Those resources with utitise by human being .For ex:- Petroleum Resoures.
  • 2.      Potential Resources – Those resources with present on the earth But we use it in future.For ex :-Sloar Energy,rate Energy etc.

On the bases of Use

·        On the bases of use resources of two type.
1.      Renewable – The resources with are formed again and again after use . exam;- Water,air,Sloar Energy.
2.      Non-Renewable Resources – The resources use form one time and not formed again is called non renewable resources. Ex:- Coal,Petroteum,Natural Gas etc.

On the bases of origion – There are two type of resources of their origion.

1.      Biotic Resources – the resources with have life and growth.Ex;-Plants and Animals

2.      Abiotic Resources – the resources with not have life and growth.Ex:- Air,Water etc.

On the bases Stock and Distribution

·        There are two types of resources on the basic of stock and distribution.

1.     1. Ubiquitous – Those resources with founed on everywhere in the World.Ex:-Water,air.

2.      2.Localised – Those resources with found only certain places in the World.Ex:- Copper and Iron.

Human Resources

·        Human Being a resources and help of development of Country.
·        Human being create several thing with help of technology.
Human Made resources
·        The resources with create by human being with the help natural resources on the present on earth .Ex:-Roads,Bridges and Vechicles.

Conserving Resources

·        Conserving resources means present the resources from ferture generations.
·        Several resources like coal ,pertroteum,fresh water etc present on the earth in very limited of amount.
·        If consum this resources very speedling thwn not remaid from ferture generations .
·        So,it is our duty to consurme this type of resources from future generations.
- Sustainable Development- means utitiglion of resources in search again that you can not disturde and also remain future generation.

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