1.Resource And Development Geography Class 10 Notes


                     1.Resource And Development


·        All the object present on earth and utilised by human beings for their development and survival is called Resources.


·        The object on the earth which is utilised and not used for any purpose is called Source.

 Classification of resources

Types of Resouces on different basis

a)      On the basis of Origin:- On the basis of origin there are two types of resouces:-

                           i.          Biotic Resources –eg.human being,fisheries etc.

                          ii.          Abiotic Resources – eg. Rock,metals etc.

b)      On the basis of Exhaustibility/Use:- There are two type of resources.

                                               i.          Renewable Resources- eg.Solar,Wind energy etc.

                                              ii.          Non-Renewable resources – Petrol,Coal,fossilfuels etc.

c)      On the basis of Ownership-There are four type of resources.

                                               i.          Individual Resources – eg.Plots,houses& other property,ponds etc.

                                              ii.          Community Resources- eg.Public Parks,Picnic spots,Playground etc.

                                             iii.          National Resources – All the mineralks,Forest,Wildlife,Water resources etc.

                                             iv.          International Resources – eg.Ocean etc.

d)      On the basis of status Development:- There are 4 types of resources.

                                               i.          Potential Resources :- The resources which are found in any region but not been utilised.eg.:- Wind energy,Solar enery etc.

                                              ii.          Developed Resources :- The resources present in any region which is starts to utilised is called developed resources.

                                             iii.          Stock resources:-The resources present any region unutilised due to lack of technology.eg.:-Oxygen & Hydrogen both present in environment but we have lack of technology to fprm water.

                                             iv.          Reserval Resources:- Reserves resources are those resources which are stated to utilised but we make there result for future generation .eg:- Hydero power plants.

Development of Resources


·        Development of resources means proper utilization of the resources as per the need of the counrty.

·        For proper development of resources the factor responsible are as follow:-

                                               i.          Planning

                                              ii.          Manegement.

                                             iii.          Sustainability.

·        If any country properly implents these three factors then the development of resources in that country completed sucessfully.

Resources Planning in India


·        As we know India is a developing country with a good speed of development.

·        India having sufficient amount of resources.

·        But due to lack of Planning & management we could not property utilised our resources.

·        More of our resources damaged or destoyed due to non proper planning.

·        So India must having a good planning ,management and cooraption free prosesior for proper developmenrt of resources.

Conservation of Resources


·        Conservation of resources means protection of resources for future generations.

·        It is also called Sustainable development.

·        Serval resources are in limited amount inside the earth.

·        By huge consumption they comes to an end.

·        So, it is our duty to protect these resources.

Land Resources

·        Natural Resources.

·        Several land patterns found in India.

·        Maily classified into three groups.

                                               I.          Mountains

                                             II.          Plateaus.

                                            III.          Plains.

·        In India more than 50% land are unuseable by several resource.

Land Utilisation

·        The available land resources utilise in following purpases.

                                               I.          Forest Area.

                                             II.          Barren and Waste.

                                            III.          Infrastructual.

                                            IV.          Agricultural land.

                                             V.          Rivers,Ponds,lakes.

                                            `qVI.          Desert land.

Land use Pattern in India 




Land Degradation and Conservation Measurces


·        Causes of degradation- Conservation measures.

                                                    i.     Soil Erosion – Planting of tress,bushes of grass

                                                   ii.     Cutting of forest – take a strick actions to stops the cutting forests.

                                                  iii.     Ecological disbalance – Decrease the use of AC,Refrigerators.

                                                  iv.     Soil Pollution – Large plantation.

                                                   v.     Excess use of Chemical fertiliser- Use biofertilisation

                                                  vi.     Excess use of indutridisation – proper mangement waste of industltion.

                                                vii.     Decreasing water loging capacity of soil – Construction of dam.

Soil as a resources.


·        Soil is an important renewable resources.

·        It is important for agriculture and plants groeth.

·        Soil takes millions of years to forms by different method.

·        Rocks,vegetation,climate facrtors,relief and some other factors are responsible for formation of soil.

Classification of Soils

Soil Erosion and Soil Conservation

·        Soil erosion means shifting of upper layer of soil by effects of water and air.

·        There are two types of soil erosion

                                               i.          Sheep erosion

                                              ii.          Gullly erosion

·        Soil erosion is the main factor for soil degradation because the upper fertile layer of soil shift from one place to another.

·        Soil conservation means protection of soil from different method of soil degradation.

·        Soil method of soil conservation are as follow:-

                                               i.          Afforestation.

                                              ii.          Excess use of biofertiliser in place of chemical fertilisers.

                                             iii.          Minimize soil pollution.

                                             iv.          Protection of soil from flood and draught.



 Classification Of Soils

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