1.Power Sharning (CIVICS CLASS 10 NOTES)

Belgium and Srilanka

 ·        Belgium is a small country of Europe and Srilanka is a small country of Asia.

·        Both these countries having mixed demography.

·        Both Country having different situation of development.

·        Begium is a developed Country and Srilanka is a developing and poor country.

 Majoritanism in Srilanka

 ·        In Srilanka two types of population on the basic of race recides or decide.

·        Sinhalese is the largest population (73%) they are the basis natives of Srilanka.

·        27% of tamil population lives in Srilanka which are migrated from India.

·        In Srilanka singhali are in majorities and always in Power avail all types of right But the tamil population havings no any rights and seperated from politics.

·        For the rights tamil form an organisation called L.T.T.E(Libration tiger of tamils elam).

 Accommodation in Belgium

·        Belgium is a small country in Europe.

·        Belgium having three differents types of people on the basis of languages.

·        These three types are 59% Dutch languages,40% Frech language and 1% of German language.

·        Belgium having democracy includes all types of minister of all three communities and Belgium is develop peacefully.

Why Power Sharing is Desirable?

 ·        Power sharing reduces the possibility of conflicts between different social groups.

·        Power sharing is nessary for stability of govt.

·        Power sharing  stangthain our democracy by giving represtation to a huge population.

·        Power sharing dencentralished power of govt.to power level.

 Form of Power Sharing

 ·        In India democracy there are 4 forms of Power Sharing.

1.Power Sharing amoung different organ of govt.

·        In India democracy there are three organ of democracy
1.      Legislature
2.      Executive
3.      Judiciary
·        Our constitution divide power in there organ as per their needs.

2.Power Sharing among differnts levels of govts.
·        In India there are 3 levels of govt.
1.      Central Govt.
2.      State Govt.
3.      Local Govt.
·        Our Constitution divides words and power of all these levels of govt.

3.Power Sharing among different Social groups:-
·        Our Country having different types of population on the basis of their social states.
·        Some Social groups are SC,ST,Women ,OBC,and miniorities.
·        For welfare of these groups our constitution provide them somes special power.

4.Power Sharing amoung political party,movement pressure group.
·        Our political having multiparty political system.
·        All citizens of country having right to from political party.
·        Pressure groups a non-political group in which directly influence the politics like:-R.S.S.
·        The power of political systems divided into these political party.
1.      Pressure group and
2.      Movemrnt.

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