1.How,When and Where

How Important are Dates

“ History is certainly about changes that occur over time”

·        History is synonymous with dates.

·        We compare the past with present.

·        We continue to associate history with a string of dates.

·        We study dates to find out the sequence of events and significance of events.

Which Dates

·        Selection of date depends on the story of past.

·        Focusing on a particular set of events is important.

·        By studing the dates reasons and consequce’s of events are understand in better way.

How do we peridise ?

·        James Mill divided the Indian history into three periods are follow ;-

1.      Hindu

2.      Muslim

3.      British

·        According to Mill,only British rules,Culture and laws could make Indians civilised.

·        There are significant sources to study the periods of events and by studing different historical evidences a string of time periods can be farmed.

What is Colonial ?

·        When the subjugation of one country by another country leads to chage in social,culture,econmic and political sphere ,it leads to colonisation.

·        British rule brought about change in values and tastes,customs and practices.

How do we know Administration

·        One important source is the official records of the British Administration.

·        The Britiesh felt all important documents and letters needed to be preserved.

·        Specialized instiutions like archieves and museums were established to preserve important records.

·        Administrative source only represents half of the picture as they all were written and maintained by British officials.

·        Several other sources studied toegher give a better picture of administration.

Surveys become important

·        The practice of surveying become commone under colonial administration.

·        Surveys like botanical zoological, archaeological anthroporgical and forest survesys were in the list of British Administrations.

What officals records do not tell.

·        The officials records do not tell about the needs of pepole of India.

·        Many officals records hide the truth and only show one asdpect of the event.


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