1.Development Economic Class 10 Notes

Definition of Development
·        Development means the grazul group of different sector in a given area in some particular time is called development.
·        Development is a simontenious process in which desired goals should be achieveby different agencies like govt.

What Development Promises Different People,Different Goals
·        In any country or state the society made up of different types of people.
·        India having a vary diverse society in which different groups of people on the basis of castes,religion,wealth leave together.
·        These different groups having different developmental growth.
For ex:-Farmers having different development student,Unemployed people,Rural people,Urban pepole having different types of developmental growth.
·        The meaning of a development for farmer is avaibilaty of seeds,fertilizers,irrigation system as per there need and in other hands the means of development for unemployed person is avability of employment.

Income and other Goals
·        Development having different concepts.
·        Income is the main concept of development of any country.
·        The income of an individual in a particular time is called per capita income or average income of an individuals.
·        The income of any country in a finicial year by different sector is called GDP(Gross Domestic Product ) of that country.
·        Per capita income and GDP is decide the developmental rate of the particular country.

National Development
·        National development means our all development of any nation in the particular financial year.
·        National development comparises two factors.
1.GDP-Gross domestic product.
2.GNP-Gross national product.
National Development= GDP+GNP.

How To Compare Different Countries Or States ?
·        We can compare to different states or country on the basis of some factors like
1.Per Capita income.
2.GDP and Gnp of that states or country.
3.Industrial and agricultural growth.
4.Environment Status.
5.Cateradsi Rate.
6.Morality Rate.
7.Birth & Death rates.
8.Foren Currency Reserve.
Notes:-National income = GNP-GDP.

 Income and other Criteria

·        Total income and per capita income are two main factors for comparing the development of two states or country.

·        Total income of the country in GDP and GNP of that Country in a particular finiacal year.

·        This two factors determines the economical growth of that particular states or country.

Public Facilities
·        Public facilities means the facilities provided by govt.to the citizens of the country.
·        Public facility includes several facilities like Health services,educational services,road & transport,banking services,services provided to BPL family like PDS etc.
·        If these facilities are avilable easily to the citizens of the counrty then we can say that the counrty or state is developed.

Sustainability of Development
·        Subtainability means the continous developmental process in which no harm to our enivornment and also conserve our resources for future generation.
·        Generally we can see that for higher speed of development we speedly consume our resources.
·        Due to these process the resources like rough material comes to an end in a very limited time.
·        So,this is our duty to mentain the speed of development with conservation of natural resources and protection of environment.

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