Pleasures of Reading(essay)

Pleasures of Reading

Reading is perhaps the greatest source of pleasure.It is reading that broadens our outlook,remove our narrow prejudices and illumines our minds with trust and knowlege.
Books are our real friends.They can never desert or deceive us.Our friends often desert us when misfortunes befall us but books nevers leave us in the lurch.The advantage one derives from reading them leaves a lasting impression on the mind.
Reading is a very good means of passing the time also in an agreeable and harmless fashion.A reader of books never finds time hanging heavy upon him.When you have time and no work to do,take a book from the shelf and time will pass in a pleasant manner.
Books throw additional splendour upon prosperity and are the recourse and consolation in adversity.They delight us at home and are no embarrassment abroad.They are company to us at night,fellow travellers on a journey and attendants in our rural racess.
Reading sweetens many an hour of sorrow ."The man whose bosom neither riches nor luxury can make happy,may with a book in his hand,forget all his trouble under the friendly shade of a tree".
Reading not only yields pleasure,but also enriches one,s mind and broadens one,s outlook.Through books we can reap benefit from the experince of other.We come to have a keener insight intoi life and its problem and lively interest in our neighbours and surrounding.Life no longer presents to us a dull or monotonous aspect but we find at every turning fresh wonders and mysteries awaiting us.
But,in these days of cheap printing and mass output,a wise choice of books is absolutely necessary.In order to be good readers we must learn to discriminate in our reading,to read faithfully, with our best attention to  all kinds of things in which we have a real interest.
The choice of a good book,like that of a friend,is a serious duty.we are as responsible for what we read as for what we do."A good book",in the noble words of Milton,"is the precious life-blood of master-spirit,embalmed and treasured upon purpose to a life beyond life."Reading of the best books elevantes us  into a region of disinterested thought where personal thought fades into insignificance and the troubles and anxieties of work are almost forgotten.