5 Working of Institutions

How is a major policy Decision Taken

   A Government Order

  • A govt. take many decision in their cabinate for well fair of people of the country.
  • All the decision taken by the cabinate at central levels or State levels is called a govt order.
  • These govt order implement by excatives and must be approved by parliament in coming session.
  • Court House, Government, Capitol
 The Decision Makes
  • The main decision makes in India Democracy are
  →Upper House
  →Lower House
  ii.Central Govt.
 iii.State  Govt (Legislative assembly)
 iv.Distrct Administration
 →DM+Other officer

  Need for Political Institutions
  • To run the democratic system.
  • To conduct elections at all levels.
  • To select excrtives for country.
  • To monitor the work of govt&other instilution.
  • To Protect our constilution.
  • To provide public welfare laws for citizens of country.
  The Parliament
  • Parliament is the supreme decision making instilutions for Indian decomarcy.
  • The India parliament situated at New delhi having three parts.
                  i.UPPER HOUSE
                 ii.LOWER HOUSE
                iii.THE PRESIDENT
  • The Elected represenlative of different parts of country comes in parliament and play a role of decision maker for country.
  • The main work of parliamenet is to makers law for the country.

        Why do we need a Parliament?
  • Highest dicision making constututional inslitution.
  • We elect our representatives for Parliament.
  • Direct representative → Lower house
  • Indirect representative → Upper house
  • Govt.fully responsible & accounlable for Parliament.
  • All laws for country framed by Parliament.
         UPPER HOUSES                              LOWER HOUSE
       -  238+12 members                             -543+02 members
       - 238  Elected by                                 -543 directly
      State legislative assmbley                      elected by people
       - 12 nominated by President              - 02 nominted by 
       - 6 years duration                               - 5 years duration
                of members
       -Non-disolving                                   -Dissolve after five years
      -Vice-President of                               - Chairman after year
         Indian Chairmen
      -Suggacen Given                                  - chairmen elected by 
   Political Executive