1.India-Size and Location

                      Chapter 1   

            India-Size and Location           


-India is a large country situated in northern hemisphere.
-The India land extends between 8°4N to 47°6N in latitudes and 68°7E to 97°25E.

-The Andaman and Nicober and Laskweep island are the group of island in Bey of Bangal.


-The land of India and as area of 3.28 million km/sq.
-India's total area is about 2.4 percent of total area of world.
-India is 7th large country of world in area.
-India has a land boundary of about 15 thousand 200km of cast line of about 7,516.6km.
-India is second largest country in having population of 130 crore at present.

                           INDIA AND THE WORLD

-India having the central location in Asia Sub- contient.
-The India landmass protected by sea and ocean from three side and Himalaya range from North side.
-India having a long costal area and connected by different country.
-The India having good relation with their neghibouring country and other developed country of the  world.