2.Socialism in Europe and The Russia Revolution

The Age of Social Change

-Social change means the change in different activities of the society mainly focused on economical activity.
-The frech revolution was the also example;-of the social change in French Society.
-In 17th and 18th century most of the countries of Europe ruled by dictator monarch.
-All the countries face social  discrimination and a large population faces a several problem in society.
-To change the ruling system and the economical activities some of the countries having history of revolutions in 17th and 18th century.


-Liberals,Redical&Conservaties are vthe three different groups of society.
-Liberals are the group of peple who easily accpet all the changes made by rulers in society.
-These group not oppose any rule and try to resolve the matter by talk or diaglone.
-redicals are the group of people who not accept all the things easily and oppose the new rule and regulation.
-Some time redicla started violances for opposing the new laws.
-Conservations are the group of people who not went any change in the old traditation and cultural in society.

Industrial Society and Social Change

-In the begning of 19th century industrial dvelopment also started in India in the cities like MOSCO.
-This industrial development required labour for working in industrial.
-a huge population from rural ares shifted to cities in seacrh of work.
-The labours was of two types:-
i.Trained labours
ii.Untrained labours
-Thes labours lives in the near by areas of industries.
-These areas were called slam area with minimum facilities.
-so,the cities like MOSCO dividived into two areas.
i.Poss areas
ii.Slam areas

The Coming of  Socialism in Europe

-All thew countries of Europe follow the capitalistic type of ecomics.
-No,any counrty having another type of ecomony in Europe.
-First time in Russia a new type of ecomic system adopted in their Society.
-This system was called socialism a new type of economy.
-In socialism all the private properties seized and converted into govt property.
-No,any individual can have their own property but only utilise the govt.