3.Drainage Geography Class 9 NCERT


-Drainge means the rivers system of any state and country which is responsible for irrigation and availability of fresh water in the state or counrty.

-The Drainge system of any country divided in  two parts.
i.Perennial System
ii.Seasonal System

-In Perennial System the rivers and other water sources having water through out the years.

-In Seasonal System the water available only for fix season (rain season) for 4 to 6 months.

Drainge System In India

-The rivers system of a India is called Drainge.
-The river of India classfield two group:-
i.Himalayan Rivers
ii.Peninsular Rivers
-The Himalayan rivers are penrennial in nature and originated from himalayan range.
-The river originated other them Himalayan Range like:- Westher Ghats,Eastern Ghats, Decean Pleature is called peninsular rivers.
-All the stste of indian having some particual rivers with are responsible for the irrigation system of that particular state.

The Himalayan Rivers

-The rivers originated from Himayan are called Himalayan rivers.
- Most of the himalayan rivers are penerennial in nature and water avaiable through out the years.
-The sources this rivers are glaciers present in himalayans.
-The Himalayan rivers are responiable from 80%irrigation in Indian.
-The Ganga and Brahmaputra delta are large irrigated area by these two rivers.
-Some time due to heavy rain in himalayan range some of the rivers create flood in there irrageted area ; Gandak and Khashi rivers in Bhiar.
-Some time Ganga and Brahaputra also become flooded due to contiue having rainfal in that  present area.

The Indus Rivers system

-The Indus rivers rises in people from Mansrouear lake.
-It is inter in India in Ladakh district of J&K.
-Several tribularies the Zaskar,Nibra,Shyok,Huza,join it in the Kashmir Region.
-Several other rivers like salluj,Ravi,Beas,Cheneb also join indus rivers in Pakisthan.
-Only three state of India.
ii.Punjab   covered by and rest part of Inter river longest to Pakisthan.

The Narmada Basin

-The Narmada River rises From Amarkanath hill in Madhya Pradesh.
-It is called the ganga of Madhya Pradesh.
-The marble rock found in near by area of Narmada Rivers.
-Narmada River irragation most of the part Madhya Pradesh and some part of Gujrat.

The Tapi Basin

-The Tapi Rivers organised from the Satpure rnges in Betul district of Madhya Pradesh.
-This rivers also folws in  parllel to the Narmada but shorter in length.
-It covers the state M.P,Gujrat and Maharashtra.

The Godnawari Basin

-The Godawari organised from the western   ghats of Nasik district in Maharasthra.
-It is large peninnlsulars rivers lenght is about 1500km.
-This river cover 50% part of Maharsthra,Madhya Pradesh, Odisha and Andhra Pradesh.
-This rivers is called the ganga of South India(Dakshim Ganga)

The Mahanadi

-The Mahanadi rises from the peatu of Chhattisgarp.
-The phat of Mahandi travel from Chhattisgarh ti Odisha and than Bey of Bengla.
-The length of rivers is 860kms.
-The tributeries of Mahandi drains Chhattisgarh,Maharashtra,Jharkhand and Odisha.

The Krishna Basin

-Krishna river rises from the place Mahabaleshwar in Maharasthra.
-The length of river is around 1400km.
-This river also comes in Bey of Bengal after completing its paths.
-This rivers drains Maharasthan,Karnakata and Arudhra Pradhesh.

The Kavai Basin

-The kaveri rises from the Brahmagri range of western Ghats.
-The total length of the rivers id 760km.
-This rivers drains the parts of Karnatka,Kerala and Bey of Bangal at cuddalore in Tamil Nadu.


-Lakes are water body with body with are a large size of pond and water collected in this lakes through rain water,flood water and by some river.
-The area of the lakes are in kms and this lake use as fresh water source a toursists place etc.
-Chilka lakes of odisa is use as a training centre from Navey due to as its large size.
-Dal lakes of Srinagar used as tourist place in J&k.
-Ox-bow lakes fromed due to the water from sea or ocean collected in the low area of near by sea source.

Role of Rivers in the Economy

-Indian Economy is the agricultrue based economy from independuce.
-65% total popution energy in agricultre and 20% G.P.D Comes form agricultre.
-The Indian agricultre is als called manoson basied agricultre and develop on rain water canal water & river water.
-So,we can say that the Indian Ecomony develop in directly and indirecty tje water avaiabtily and irragation system for agricultre.