2.People as Resource NCERT CLASS 9 ECONOMICS


Resource means any think present in the country utisiled the develpement of stste or country.
- Ther are several type of resource present in any country for exap;-natural Resource,Man-Made Resource,Human Resource.
- Human Resource are the main resource with utisited all other resource in any country.
- The Human resource are divided into two groups;-
i. Trained Human Resource 
ii.Untrained Human Resource
-Trained Human Resorce mean the resource is trained in any work form ex;- Doctor, Lawser,etc.
-Untrained Human Resource the resource with have no any trainding but work have labour in different perpose.
-the Human Resource persent in industrial,ecomical and over all develpoment of any counrty.

Economic Activities by Men and Woman

_The Economc Activies classified into three main sectores 
-Primary Sector also depends on agricultrce and this sector directly using natural resources like;-Forestry,Animal,Husbandry,Fishing,Popultry Farming mining and Quarrying.
-Secondary Sector is also know as manufacturing sector trade, transpart,banking,communication,education,health,insurance etcare this provide service is a Tertiary Sector.
-They are two type of Ecomic activits 
i.Markets activites
ii.Non-Markets Activites
-Markets activies consider producation of goods or service including govt. service for rennuneration.
-Non -Markets activites consider production of goods or service for self consumption.
-Women look after domestic affairs like cooking of food washing of clothes and Men work in the field .This are work performed under Economics activities.

Quliaty of Population

-The Quality any population depends on two factor 


-Education is the basis of the population any country or state.
-Education provides perfomers silk in the individals for ferforms any spefics activites
-The Education System Of India divided into several group:
i.Primary Education
ii.Sec&Senior Sec.Education
iii.Higher Education
iv.Profesional Education
v.Vocational Education
vi.Research Work etc.
-Primary E$ducation is the basis of any other education System.
-The states of primary education in India is not show much satifulory due to lak of infrastructural facities.
The main reasons slow delvepment of primary education in India is infrastulural.
-In govt.primary school the building the funture and other teaching learingn materinal is not up to the mark.
-The secondary &seni-secondary education is some better than Primary education.
-The circulum and the ferciture in Secondary school isbetter than Primary school.
The status ofHigher education like:-Degree,College,University is also not satifactory.
-The main reason of the fall in higher education is the avaiable of tred and export teacher.
-The occasional & professional education in India is some better than higher education.
-This is becausethe institutes like;-ITT,IIM,AIIMS etc gives the better education system in their fields.
-The status of research work in India is very much poor than other developed country.
-This is due to lower interset  in Science & Technoloy & Lack of Career facilties in research work.


Health is the another factor for the quality devlopment of population.
-In India Health System divided into two parts
i.Public Health Servics.
ii.Private Health servics.
-The Private Health servics are very much expenirs So,that 80% population of Indian can not affort these services.
-The condition public health services (govts.hospitals)is not safisfactory&not proper ,health care available in it.
-The Public heatlh care system divided into several parts.
i.PHC(Village Levels Hospitals)
ii.Block Leves Hospitals
iii.Referal Hospitals
iv.district Hospitals (Sadar Hospitals)
v.Medical Colleges.
vi.states Level Institutes -IGIMS
-The major deficiency in govt.sysetm is
a) Lack of Equipments
b) Lack of modern lab
c) Facility Of semitation
d) Speciality 
f) Dificiency of ICU(Intensive Care Unit)


-The condition in which an individual not got a proper work as per their  qualification exprence & skill.
The main reasons unemployment in India.
i.a large population depands on  agriculture (65% population)
ii.Traditional agriculture/late of commercial farming.
iii.Slow rate of Industrial growth 
iv.Few oppertunity in public (govt.)sector.
v.Very less no. of Industrial training centre.
vi.Deficiency of Vocational education.

Type of Unemployment

-Ther are bthree of unemployment 
i.Visible/Direct unemployment
ii.Seasonal Unemployment
iii.Disgivsed Unemployment  

Visible/Direct Unemployment

-The unemployment which senior our society directly means the population which is totaly unemployment.

Efort to minimize unemployments

-We can made several efort to minimze unemploments.
i.Commerliczation of agriculture
ii.Sufcient Industrial growth 
iii.Increase the population of trend people
iv.Promte the self employmemt skill
v.Improve the status of vocational education.