-India is a large country and different geographical reason found in India.

-The earth sicentists explain the formation of physical features of the india by plausible theory.
-The movement of the plats inside the earth surface by 3 waves 
1. Convergent boundary

2.Divergent Boundary

3.Transform Boundary

-The oldest land mass of the world was Gondwam land and this Gondwan land inclued India,Australia,SouthAfrica,South America and Antractia.

            Major Physiographic Divisions

-The Physical features of india can be divide into following group:-
    1.The Himalayan Mountains.
    2.The Northern Plains
    3.The Peninsular Plateau
    4.The India Desert 
    5.The coastal Plains
    6.The Inlands
-The Himalayan Mountains expands over northern border of india .
-It expandle from Jammu&kasmir to Arunchal Pradesh.
-Himalayan mountain from aare reover the distance about 2,400 km.
-The himalayan consists of three parall ranges.
-The northern most range is know as the Great Himalayan or "Himadri".
-It continuoues all the Himalayan peaks like;-Kanchejunga Everest.
-The range include averge range of height (3700-4500) for exm;-Pir panjal range.
-Outer most range of India are called Shiwaliks of averge height(900 and 1100 meters).

                  The Northern Plain

-The Northern Plain situated between three river valleys Ganga,Indus,Brahamputra.
-This northern plain formerd of alluvial soil.
-This is most fertile land of India.
-The lenght of this northern plain being about 2400 km.
-It is densely popluated area due to agriculture and induestry of India.
-The northern plain spread over Harayana,Delhi,U.P,Bihar,Jharkhand,West Bengal and some parts of Assam.

                     The Peninsular Platea 

-The Peninsular Platea consits of two parts;-
1.Central height lands
2.Deccan Plateau
-The Pleteau liying to north of the Narmada rivers are called Central highland and south of Narmada rivers is Deccan PLATEAU.
-The example of Central highland is Vindhyan range on the southand the Aarvalis on the no the northwest.

                       The Indian Desert
-The Indian Desert is also Thar Desert.
-The indian Desert expand into Rajasthan and some part of Gujrat.
-It is a sandy plain covered with sand dumes.
-The reason recevies very low rainfall below 150mm per/year.
-The torancy bussay&rabital mostly found in this area.  

                    The Coastal Plains 

-India having a long coastal area across the three sides.
-More than 10 states having a coastal area in Bey of Bengal,Arabian Sea and India ocean.
-The norther part coastal area is called konkan plain and souther part is called Malabar coast.
-Odisa,Arunchal Pradesh,Tamil Nadu,Mumbai,Goa the state having coastal area.

                    The Islands

-India having two group of island in both the side .
-Lakshadweep island group is situated is Areabia sea closed to the Malabae coast of kerla.
-The Andaman and Nicobar islands situated in Bey of Bengal.
-The islands are bigger in size and more numerous and scalered.