1.The Story Of Village Palampur

Economics Class 9 NCERT


1.In this topic was mainly study about the different economcy about of village in India.
2.In any village of India mainly two tupe of activity performed by the people.
i. Farming Activities.
ii.Non-Farming Activities.
3.In farming activities is related to the agriculture work.
4.In non-farming activites the activites other them farming.
i.Fixed Captial.
ii.Working Captial.
iii.Human Captial.

Is There a Way one can Grow more from the Same Land

-Yes,it is possible to grow more from the same land by the following method.
i.Multicroping;-In this method we can grow two or more than two crops in same land.For Example:-Patato and Maize.
ii.By using high yeilding verity of Seeds,Proper Chemical and Biofetilise on proper time.
iii.Proper irrigation system and aviability of proper water resources.
iv.New,Technolodgy of Agricutural equipment can increase the more producation from the same land.

Will the Land Sustain

-If we protect our land for  future generation the land will be sustain.
-The main harm of land created by the air pollution.
-The main ingredients of the soil pollution  are:-
i.Chemical Fertiliser.
ii.Decreasing the ground water table.
iii.Non-Biodegredable waste and single crops from three to four years on a particular land and decrease the fertility of the agricultural land.
-Soil erosin is a another resion for digradition of land.

How is the land distributed between farmers of Palampur

-Land distributed b/w the farmer of village palampur by this pattern.
i.Land lord having 90% of total area.
ii.Middle class farmers  having only 10% of land area.
iii.Land less farmers.

Who will Provide the Labours.

-Indian agricultural system depends on old tradition method which required huge number of labours of farming.
-Most of the labours comes from the land less farmers which have no land less and work on the land their of other farmers.
-The ecanomial condition of these labour is not good and their ways is not the story of palampur.

The Capital Needed The Farming.

-The different needs of capital in farming are as follow:-
i.Farming needed different equipment for different purposes it require money.
ii.For Fertilisers,Manure and Seeds capital  required.
iii.For Proper irrigation system capital required.
iv.For harvesting the crops the capital required.

Sale of Surpius from Product.

-The India farmers facing several problems for selling the surples farms.
i.non-Availablity of proper marketing system.
ii.Transportation system problem.
iii.The market was distict from farmers.
iv.The lowest price fixed by govt.
v.Crop insurance problem.

Dairy The other Comman Activites.

-The activites related to dairy mostly related to ruler areas.
-The farmers of the Indian Village started dairy as an additional ecomical activity.
-This activity include the production of milk.
-Govt.gives subseedies to the farmers for starting the diary.
-Govt.also starting the diary in the cooperating sector for producation.

An Example of small scale manufacture in Palampur.

-Small scale manufacture means to manufacturing of daily used items by particular faimiles or a group of five to ten members.
-Some Example of small scale manufacturing are as follows:-
i.To make bangles 
ii.Weaving of barkert.
iv.Jaggence Grade 
v.Sold Milk etc.

The shopkeeper of Palampur

-Every village of India having five to ten small shops.
-These shops are generally stores which have items of daily use.
-Some vegetable shopa and rashan shops are also situated is some village.
-These small scale shop gives empolyment to some people of the village and they are also called neighbourhord shops.

Transports: A fast developing sector.

-The means of Transports in rular areas are and employment giving sector in village.
-Some of villagershaving their own Riksha,Autorisha,Small vechile.Like:-Rissha etc for transport.
The transports sectors gives many employment in rular areas the villagers.